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Top 5 Influencer Analytics Tools For Strategic Growth

As the influencer marketing industry continues to evolve, brands are increasingly turning to data-driven insights to optimize their influencer campaigns and achieve strategic growth.

And with the rampant rise of influencer fraud and the lack of standardization within the industry, it’s important to use specific tools in aiding partnership decisions with influencers.

Let’s explore the top five influencer analytics tools that empower brands with valuable metrics and analytics to inform their influencer marketing strategies prior to hitting “go”.

Engagement calculators are designed to assess likes, comments, shares, and other forms of interaction in ratio to the total number of followers. They provide brands with exact insights into how engaged their audience is with the content posted by influencers.

Many of these calculators, like HyperAuditor, are free on the interwebs, and they will instantly give you an assessment of whether or not an influencer fits your required engagement metrics.

One thing to be careful of here is the qualitative data. Once you’ve decided that an influencer fits your required engagement metrics, check their page to see the following:

  • Are the comments genuine/on topic?
  • Do the comments show a connection with the influencer? or are they short/emoji-based?
  • Do you see a consistency in engagement across different posts? or does it seem that engagement is all over the board (this could be a red flag for engagement fraud)

While the percentage of engagement is incredibly important, the quality of engagement is equally important and deciphers the depth of connection between the influencer and their followers.

2. ROI Calculators

A lot of brands like ROI calculators because they use a specific formula to determine the value you gain in comparison to the amount spent, which provides a black-and-white picture of returns.

To get the figure, you’ll need to input the key details in the picture above. Here’s a free ROI calculator available online: Rows

3. Hashtag Performance Analyzers

Influencer campaigns that incorporate hashtags see a 2 to 3x increase in visibility and reach. Using strategic hashtags across your influencer program or campaign can substantially bolster an already well-performing campaign to excel.

The best way to choose the right hashtag is by using hashtag analyzer tools like Best Hashtags or Hashtagify. Either of these will show you the number of views, likes, and comments received in association with a hashtag.

4. Fake Follower Checkers

One of the most common reasons brands can see an upside-down ROI with their influencer campaign is due to a high propensity of fake followers within their roster. Using tools like Modash or Influencity can easily tackle this issue by showing you an influencer’s number of fake followers instantly.

Keep in mind, almost all influencer accounts have an open account, and with that comes some fake followers.

However, anything above 20-25% should be considered alarming.

5. Brand Mention Trackers

These trackers scan multiple online platforms and pinpoint any mentions of your brand name or specific keywords used. This allows your brand to directly measure the impact of a continuous influencer program or campaign.

Your influencer marketing director can also use them to find potential partners who are already discussing your products because they genuinely like them.

These are usually “die-hard” fans who typically perform exceptionally well across varying brands.

Some great examples of these tools are Brandwatch and BrandMentions.

Wrapping up

There it is: a concise guide to the top 5 influencer analytics tools that can help you build, monitor, and drive ROI-centric campaigns that consistently outperform.

With the ability to mitigate common pitfalls and streamline campaign execution, these tools ensure that your influencer initiatives deliver impactful results from the very first launch.

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