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Our agency is founded by influencers, so influence is ingrained in our DNA

If you’re looking to build credibility, brand awareness, and drive sales ,then you’re in the right place.

Why InfluencerNexus?

We Build Stories, Not Forgettable Ads

Stories are memorable, ads are no. We capture narratives through the art of storytelling that transcends traditional, easy-to-scroll-past influencer advertisements.

Followers Don't Matter, Fans Do

Most influencer agencies are flexing their follower counts, but we're focused on what matters: creating raving fans. The type of fans that paint themselves head to toe in team colors.

Blending AI With Human Intuition

We marry AI and human intuition by leveraging the speed and objectivity of AI, while harnessing the creativity, context, and judgment of human intuition.

We Are Influencers

We’ve honed our expertise by building our very own influencer brands from scratch. We've been on both sides of the table, so we know a thing or two about turning influencers' audiences into your brand's consumers.

Our clients are the buzz in the industry, and the envy of their competitors.

We strategically orchestrate our clients omnipresence by featuring them across various channels when it matters most. We turn ordinary collaborations into extraordinary brand love stories. From viral sensations to trendsetting trailblazers, we use influence as the trigger for a cohesive marketing plan that intertwines social and content to fuel growth on all fronts.

Our Services

Bridging the gap between macro-level vision and unrivaled results.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Whether your organizational goal is brand awareness, product purchase, increasing downloads, or driving a target audience to visit a website, we partner with relevant influencers and brands to showcase your organization on their platforms. We oversee targeting, garnering relationships, content creation, contracting, copywriting and strategy. The entire A to Z process is a Done For You (DFY) model.

Paid Media

We combine organic influencer marketing with paid media to bolster your brand's reach with creator audiences. Our tailor-made content strategy is designed to align with the audiences of top influencers, helping boost brand visibility and achieve our clients’ business objectives. By leveraging the credibility of established creators, we create impactful advertising campaigns that resonate with their engaged followers.

Content Management

From macro-level content strategy designed to consistently drive relevant audiences and build credibility, to micro-level daily execution, analytics review, optimization, and growth– our team manages the entirety of your social channels to build gravitas around your brand and bolster results across the board.

Advanced Campaign Analytics

Suite Innovators deep-dives into every analytics metric that could possibly be relevant. We study audience wants and needs, creator content, social performance, and the wider brand impact of our campaigns as a whole. We combine first-party influencer data with our customized intelligence to measure the impact of each campaign from every angle.

Insight-Driven Strategies

By studying and analyzing every creator's insights - like video views, comments, shares, and posts - we build an understanding of the psychological factors that drive campaign outcome goals. These insights allow us to refine influencer campaigns, and adjust any needed creative angles to deeply resonate with these audiences.

Influencer Audits

We conduct thorough audits of influencers who have been part of your previous campaigns, assessing aspects such as engagement authenticity, follower credibility, alignment with your brand, utilized channels, and every intricate detail in between. Because acquiring top-tier influencers is a pivotal step toward ensuring the success of your campaign.

Our services

What we do

What We Do

Our team uses a multifaceted approach to deliver stand-out results for novel organizations seeking to bolster their brand. Designed to drive growth and revenue, we use our creators, relationships, and sound influencer campaigns to build strong brands that sell themselves. Having helped innovative brands scale for years, we have a deep understanding of how to identify and fix organizational vulnerabilities, fast. All of this is relevant to support one result initiative: garnering sustainable growth.


We Build Unignorable Influencer Campaigns

We don’t just promise likes and follows– that feeds the ego. Instead, we turn ordinary followers into raving fans that sing your brand’s gospel to all their friends. At the core of this method lies our exclusive strategy: S.E.L.L. — Story, Exposure, Leverage, and Loyalty. It uses a combination of influencer marketing, owned media and paid media to garner sales at scale

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Strategy and Execution.

Everything For a Reason.

We listen to your brand story, where you are now, and where you want to be. We do the research and build innovative strategies to get you there. Using evidence-based execution and proprietary methodologies, we increase our clients’ share in the market. Nothing is left to chance.



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To perform excellent work, we operate as an extension of your team.

Great business partners listen, consider suggestions, support, and do everything they can to help the organization win. They are in constant communication with C-suite partners, and actively display process, results, and initiatives to amplify growth. That’s why we operate as a partner: to set the stage for success across several key domains.

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Grow Your Bottom Line.

It’s our duty as your right-hand firm to market your brand in novel ways that sell.

We boost our clients bottom line by increasing sales, brand building, and reducing marketing costs. We show you the numbers, build and assemble a team to serve you, and make data-driven decisions to deliver on your business goals.


We position your brand in compelling ways to build insta-credibility from influencers' micro and mega-audiences.

The Result

Attract consistent new customers and retain current ones without more spend.

About us

Being Good at The Basics will Make You Advanced.

For organizational growth, we match brands with creators that have similar audiences. We find creative angles that will work for your company with utter consistency, then double down on them across a number of channels to keep growing.

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